Accessories: Opulence with Subtleness

July 7, 2015

Accessories provide subtle charisma that elevates an outfit to sophistication. They include elegant transformations that embody a person’s style and temperament. Jewelry and even a pair of sunglasses can provide a splash of colour or add beautiful technicalities. Fine details are integral to these artistic entities and can become an individual’s signature piece. As a result, Cahier d’Exercises has selected several coveted pieces from their favourite brands to showcase the power of the accessory.

Hats are opulent accessories that are at once striking and exquisite. Moreover, they vary in make through the techniques and materials that are often involved. Maison Michel understands the importance of individuality and combine different styles to suit characteristic tastes. Whether buyers enjoy their Virginie Straw Felt Hat or their Kate Vintage Felt Hat, these mixture of materials produce a dazzling effect on those who come into contact with them.


Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and Mary-Kate Olsen possess trademark sunglasses that stop traffic. Cat eyes, aviators, and wayfarers are among the many styles that Thierry Lasry generates. Their Nudity in Dark Green shades provide stark reminders of the sea at St. Tropez, while their Gift in Grey are the perfect tinge that resemble a partition for inner starlets everywhere. Sunglasses provide an insight to the fashionista’s soul without the need for startling eye contact.


Rings have moved beyond their engagement status and become an important means of expression. Several can be adorned at once or there’s a special piece that simply doesn’t come off. Rosa Maria’s beautiful gems have rugged edges that are experimental and spectacular at the same time. The Begum Ring’s dark stone and diamond surroundings or even the Fitna Ring provide geometric shapes that are boldly elegant, while their vintage designs boasts glamour and tradition. Harmonious contrasts provide the best concoctions.


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