Ann Demeulemeester: The Gritty and the Eclectic

November 24, 2015

Ann Demeulemeester has made a great impact on the fashion industry since her debut in 1986. Her gothic, punk, and Japanese-inspired designs have made her a force to be reckoned with. Despite her inspirations, she remains true to her craft and is known for her elongated silhouettes. She is also a member of the Antwerp Six, which consists of radical Belgian designers who graduated from the esteemed Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Her Fall/Winter 2015 collection preys upon rugged elegance and jagged intricacies.


The Vivacious Bag illustrates Demeulemeester’s interest in details. The coveted leather and viscose handbag appears to be slashed to different pieces, yet in a refined manner. The adjustable strap makes it a perfect piece for everyday use and can store the basic essentials. The Alana Wallet is the perfect counterpart that provides organization among the distressed materials. The four divisions and card inserts are perfect companions for credit cards, receipt, and change.


Demeulemeester’s jewelry is experimental pieces of material where she uses chains to showcase the beauty behind coiled substances. Her Chains Keys necklace include round metal pieces that interlock and surround braided metal pieces. The Chain Keys bracelet is an opulent accessory that complements any sweater or shoes that are available. The oxidized silver Key Closure necklace deals with sailor knots that intertwine and enclose the neck like a warm scarf. Ann Demeulemeester embodies the gritty, the grunge, and the eclectic.

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