Athleisure Meets Edgy: Vetements F/W 2016

September 29, 2016

Vetements is the cool and athletic brand that brings the buzz each season. Bombers, biker jackets, hoodies, and t-shirts are all main staples of their collection. Items that were once considered disheveled have been elevated to high fashion status. In fact, the gritty becomes sophisticated for once to embody a lively free spirit. Street style trends simply cannot live without Vetements on their side.  

Their bombers can be seen on just about everyone from Kanye West to Rihanna. Their Reworked Bomber in Black and Red are bound to be versatile pieces for any occasion. They’re durable and can protect you from whatever autumn throws at you. Their Bomber in Khaki has a cropped aesthetic that can bring you over the edge. These pieces are refined and casual so they go with any of your favourite t-shirt, dress, or high heels. 

Hoodies can go with a casual stroll after you just rolled out of bed. Their Shrunk Hoodie in Velvet is soft and glamorous so that you feel at home in your own body. The Fitted Hoodies in black, grey, and red will go with just about any mood. Comfort is integral to the Vetements brand and there’s nothing more appropriate than a hoodie. 

Football season comes around for Vetements Football T-Shirts. They are created in white, red, and blue to go from solid to faded. These t-shirts can be worn with a pair of ripped jeans and your best pair of chunky boots. Tucked in is the look that you should strive for in these dazzling items to be edgy and athletic at once.  

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