Austere Luxuriant: Dries Van Noten F/W 2016

September 29, 2016

Dries Van Noten is known for his opulent and feminine prints. In accordance with his signature style, his collection for this season has been elevated to another dimension with a step into the wild side. He experiments with leopard prints and furs to embody subtle glamour within his pieces. However, he embeds stark palettes in blouses and shirts for those who strive for pure classicism. It is simply a collection of fun and eclectic pieces that are a party of its own.

Dries Van Noten Racker Coat

The elegant Raker Coat is perfect for an evening out at a gala. The double-breasted quality ensures you remain warm, while the fur-lined collar creates increased glamour. For something more eccentric, the Reese Short Coat is a leopard print lover’s dream. It is cozy enough to be soft to the touch, while be a fuzzy sweater for school. The Vanier Fur Jacket is the perfect balance of both coats if you would like to encompass a little of everything. 

Dries Van noten Sorette Skirt

Take a little of summer with you in this Sorette Skirt. It is a wrap skirt that can go over trousers, jeans, or even a minimalist skirt of your choice. The crochet pearls are a beautiful detail that makes it a cross between grace and sensuality. The Cocteau Embroidered Shirt continues with this theme with the slight opening at the back and the pearl details.

Dries Van noten Hoda

Sweaters are a new addition to the Dries Van Noten collection. The Hoda Embroidered Jersey with the beaded details against a navy background is reminiscent of the night sky. There is also the Hawker Jersey and the Holmer Jersey, which are simply the ideal bedtime companions.

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