Controlled Distress: Ann Demeulemeester SS17

March 30, 2017

Refined and elegant lines with an edge have always been an integral aspect to Ann Demeulemeester collections. Dark palettes align with silk prints to create minimalist pieces that are fitting for every day. Whether you want to enter a room sporting a regal demeanor or stroll into a room with attitude, the SS17 collection will have everything you need from robes to plain shirts. Distressed leather and chains also make the accessories killer additions to your wardrobe.   

This Button-Front, Printed Coat is the perfect piece to pull over the Lightlaine Trousers and Thelma Shirt. Simple and dark, these clothes can be worn for any occasion whether it’s out for coffee or meeting with clients. Do not forget to accessorize with the Suede Mules in Black to add height to your outfit.


With a dash of colour, this Raso Tunic in Violet sure will capture the attention of those around you. Both loose and fitted, this item will move along with your every step. In fact, this Wodan Embroidered Bag can add some edge to your outfit so that you can conquer your day with grace.


This Chastain Open Sleeve Dress can be worn in every single way. Cinched at the waist for a polished look, this luxurious piece can transcend all occasions. Simply pull on a coat or wear a pair of tights underneath to make it as effortless as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but with a modern twist. Featuring a back zip for easy access, it’s uncomplicated on or off, and feels like second nature


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