Cozy Sweaters: Nostalgia in the Snow

January 28, 2016

Winter appears grim and desolate when colourful leaves no longer adorn tree branches. The harsh winds make commutes difficult and salt gets trapped in boots. However, there is nothing an ornate, luxurious and cozy sweater cannot fix. The eclectic garment protects people from the cold and helps them remain effortlessly stylish. This winter’s ready-to-wear collections reference minimalism and boasts loose silhouettes to ensure that the fashion crowd can remain street cool despite the cold.

Comme des Garcons’ Rei Kawakubo diverges from the ordinary and is known for her unconventional designs. She embellishes the regular sweater and transforms it into a festive affair. The Polka Dot Sweater is the perfect item to pair with a black midi skirt or a long shawl that drapes behind the shoulders for an edgy look.

Cozy Sweaters Blog 2

The image of a caterpillar in its cocoon provokes romantic and comforting visions of childhood freedom. Forme d’Expression has always created liberated forms that are embedded with a sense of familiarity and enshrouds the body with comfort. The Grey Knit Manteau is the perfect piece to recreate the feeling of home as it envelopes the body like a blanket and maintains its innate elegance.

The turtleneck is a classic wardrobe staple that usually incites strong reactions since it can be difficult to wear. Marni’s felted burgundy turtleneck sweater with a dash of navy encapsulates the brand’s rich heritage. It’s cashmere and silk qualities are soft to the touch, yet provides a palette for versatile and diverse style.

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