Deconstructed Lace: Sacai FW 2016

October 31, 2016

Lace is one of the most feminine and ephemeral fabrics that have graced fashion idiosyncrasies everywhere. Sacai has taken the delicate material and transformed it into a dynamic item that knows no bounds. Edgy and minimalist, the material encompasses skirts, shirts, and dresses in this collection to create pronounced dichotomies. Vibrant colours are also included along with the brand’s usual neutral palettes to generate diversity.


This Floral Lace Skirt in Red is a necessity for your autumn wardrobe. The weather may be dreary and overcast, but your clothes do not have to. Sacai has also included a button-front dress with pleated and velvet materials in a similar shade to create luxurious intermixtures. No matter the occasion, you are bound to make a splash this autumn.

Sacai fw16 denim top

Denim never goes out of style and is a classic essential all year round. The Denim Patchwork Top is an amalgamation of all that is simple and even. It embraces asymmetry and comfort through the different patches and the loose silhouette. The patchwork pattern is also available in the baggy dress version so that you can get diverse with your outfit.


The Organza Blouson is sensual and elegant. The sheer material offers a delicate touch to the edgy ribbons that adorn it throughout. A maxi skirt would look gorgeous and refined with the top. Velvet will never be forgotten in these black and bordeaux dresses. The belt closure at the neck and the loose shape ensures you are always classically elegant.

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