Destination Paradise: Vacation Under the Sun

July 26, 2016

The sand between your toes and the waves that create tides at sunrise are all signs to a marvellous adventure’s beginning. A plethora of relaxation and energy are embedded throughout your reality as each day is an indication of a special occasion. Billowy silhouettes and gorgeous fabrics will enhance your vacation experience. Each item will be intertwined with a memory and transformed into unique entities.

Dries Van Noten Fuchsia Sunglasses

Outdoor events such as a patio dinner or brunch near the ocean are made better this Sacai Lily Lace Dress. The textured lace creates a crisp and clean look that is glamorous beyond belief. Throw on a pair of these fuchsia Dries Van Noten Cat Eyeglasses to add a pop of colour to this minimalist look. These Marni Gold Bow Sandals will bring metallic aesthetics to your life in the most ecstatic manner.

Ann Demeulemeester Black Wedge

A walk along the boulevard requires you to stand out from the crowd. This Issey Miyake Pleats Please Tank Dress is all about fun in magenta. This Ann Demeulemeester Buckle Wedge will garner an edgy reaction and offer you comfort as you walk around bazaars or street markets. The Dries Van Noten sunglasses in beige will provide the perfect neutral to create an everlasting subtle impression.

Maison Michel Straw Hat

However, an ensemble is never complete without a glamorous hat. They tend to take up space in suitcases, so when travelling it’s best to choose a hat that can go with anything. This Maison Michel Virginie Straw Hat has a light cream touch which offers a positive contrast to dark tones, while also matching light colours. Paradise has never been more swank and dashing.

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