An Endless Stream: TooGood F/W 2016

November 30, 2016

Light and billowy shapes are integral to TooGood’s DNA. Coats with elegant lines encompass this particular collection. Warm at the touch and simple refinement at its best, Parisian dog walks come to mind against a backdrop of eclectic boutiques. Sunglasses and leather handbags are the perfect companions that can elevate these understated pieces.

The Oilrigger Coat is a suitable garment for a day where a houseguest comes over. Made of lamb’s wool, you know you will be snug when you sit near the fireplace among your divine company. Think of the coffee you will drink and books you will read in the comfort of your home, while also looking fabulous.

The Explorer coat is poncho and shirt at once. Draped against the body, you will sway with the wind as you go from office to drinks. Concealing the Potter Top’s unique suede, there will be a gentle touch to your ensemble. The Boxer Trousers will make for one light silhouette that floats through space and time.

The Warden Coat provides more texture with its fluffed cotton that is soft and serene to the touch. This striking coat will rev up any outfit you choose to leave the house in to reveal the majesty that are your accessories. It’s just coat you need so that you can just walk out of the door with after you throw them over your pajamas on your lazy days.

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