The Evolution of Edgy: Comme des Garcons SS 2017

June 30, 2017

Comme des Garcons embodies enlightening textures and unique fabrics to showcase a world of possibilities. Integral to the progression of fashion, Rei Kawakubo has become an icon for her ostentatious shapes and experimentation with fabrics. Aesthetic is no limit for her as she stuns and shocks each season. The SS17 collection is no exception despite its purpose as a streetwear collection. Prints, pleats, and flares, Kawakubo infuses unique qualities into each piece for another dimension.

Comme Des Garcons SS17 Polka Dot Sweatshirt

Polka dots evolve to become edgy rather than feminine. The Polka-Dot Sweatshirt and the Polka-Dot Hoodie are standalone pieces that spark fun and unique ideas. When paired with the Houndstooth Pants, your entire ensemble will become a textured dream. For those who prefer prints and minimalism, the Printed Hoodie and T-shirt are made for punks in mind. Edgy and simple, these pieces are ideal for casual days.

Comme Des Garcons SS17 Pinstripe Dress

Formal pieces infused with flared textures encompass this collection. Business meetings that can use some avant garde will find solace in the Pinstripe Dress. Simple in grey and cinched at the waist, the dress is made for sharp effects in mind. Angular sleeves with sharp textures, this show stopping outfit is sure to make a statement. Made for those who require a more extravagant look, the Houndstooth jacket is a versatile piece that can be worn with anything from jeans to flared dress pants.

Comme Des Garcons SS17 Ruffle Blouse Black

The SS17 collection has no shortage of blouses with 3-D textures. The Ruffle Blouse comes in black and white to provide a powerful look. Made for sharp blazers with sequined details, elegance can be achieved effortlessly. Even the Jersey T-Shirt with Dots and the T-Shirt with Hearts in Navy are made for those who need a little embellishment in their basics. Rounded edges and layered frills, these pieces are made for daring fashionistas everywhere. A collection that is simply designed to be refined at all times.

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