An Extravagant Affair: Dries Van Noten FW17

September 22, 2017

Dries Van Noten elevates his bold prints to the extreme glamour and style. Infused with eclectic patterns and stunning colours, his pieces are made for those who are made for adventures and have unique tastes. Embedded with loose silhouettes and geometric shapes, stylish women will devour these pieces for their wardrobe in an instant. Simply a collection made perfect for all occasions.

Outerwear is integral to this collection from fur coats to patchwork creations. The faux fur Ritoli Coat is a stunning piece that provides immediate warmth. With wide lapels and waist pockets features, your essentials are all within reach. Those who prefer more outlandish items will appreciate the Patchwork Rift Bis Coat. Embedded with denim patches, this coat has a shearling collar made for fabulous nights out.

Dries Van Noten Ritoli Coat, Dries Van Noten Patchwork Rift Bis Coat

Sweaters are reinvented with deluxe patterns. The Tracey Sweater is constructed with colour block patches from another dimension. Designed with ribbed details, the classic crew neck is transformed with a new perspective. The Tanju Sweater is made for ultimate luxury and warmth. Crafted from authentic wool and a check pattern, the sweater is an essential for the season.

Dries Van Noten Tracey Sweater, Dries Van Noten Tanju Sweater

Dresses are designed for stunning femininity. The Diral Dress in Orange has details for days on end. Made with a ruffle wrap detail and peasant sleeves, the print is not the only unique feature about the dress. The Delfont Dress in Blue is made for a bohemian spirit. Decked out in floral prints and ruffled details, the dress is perfect for casual affairs.

Dries Van Noten Diral Dress in Orange, Dries Van Noten Delfont Dress in Blue

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