Forme d’Expression F/W 2015: Familiar Shapes

January 5, 2016

A new minimalist designer is in town and she is not afraid to embody the ambiguous. Forme d’Expression designer Koeun Park combines haute couture extravagance with street style minimalism to produce coveted androgynous designs. She honed her craftsmanship at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la mode Parisienne before she became a Master at the Instituto Maragoni in Milan in 1998. Park believes that clothes need to feel familiar and realistic prior to even wearing it and her Fall/Winter 2015 collection is exactly that.


Boyfriend blazers are reconstructed with the Clerk Short Jacket with slit pockets and a single button closure. It has a fitted, yet defined silhouette to ensure comfort for the wearer. Lounge pants are a reminder that harem pants are passé with its four pockets and its straight legs. It cuffs right above the ankle to welcome combat boots and oxfords.


The Riding Coat and the Layered dress embodies feminine silhouettes with minimal palettes. The coat’s pleated details and button front closure provides an elegant shape to those who wear it, while the dress’s layered quality flows to trail behind the woman wherever she goes like an old friend.


Knit Shrugs and Manteaux are the perfect to cozy up to and to wrap around a gorgeous dress or to accentuate a pair of trousers. Samurai pants are not only for warriors, but are ideal items that fit loosely around the waist as if you’re ready for a magical slumber. Forme d’Expression is both refined through its materials and fundamental in its aesthetic.

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