Geometric Elegance: Forme D’Expression F/W 2016

December 29, 2016

Forme D’Expression is known for their minimalist basics and their precise outerwear with concise geometric shapes. Cool downtown girls devour these pieces and elevate them to new levels with accessories and attitude. At its most simple and pure, these standalone ensembles make for ideal casual outfits at the office or brunch with friends.

This knee-length pea coat is a cocoon that cinches the body so that you can brave the harsh winters in style. Practical and comfortable, you can wear it with just about anything. Winter boots and silk trousers will be fab companions. No weather is too harsh for fashionable digs as Forme D’Expression creates the perfect sweaters.

The hip-length sweater in embossed alpaca and nylon embossed gauge embodies the Forme D’Expression brand. Simple with a touch of idiosyncrasy, the sweater encapsulates effortlessness in its finest. You can pull it on right out of bed and be ready for your day.

Dresses aren’t just for the summer sun. These wide dresses in wool crepe are eclectic and elegant at once. Regal in demeanor, you will be sure to make an entrance wherever you are. Can be dressed up with heels and styled with statement necklaces, this a show-stopping outfit that will be sure to catch everyone’s eyes.

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