An Identity of Your Choice: Cutler and Gross

July 26, 2017

Sunglasses play a powerful role and can help craft an impressive appearance. Off duty models, celebrities, and magazine editors all rely on their favourite aviators to shield them from the glaring flashes of cameras. Embedded with that lifestyle’s philosophy, Cutler and Gross are a brand that understands the need for the perfect frames. Armed with a rich heritage that dates back to 1969, they are renowned for their stylish eyewear for the visually challenged and the chic. With their sunglasses by your side, you can craft the image that you wish to project and more.

The Classic Parisian

Understated and refined, Cutler and Gross has classic frames for all occasions. Their Strongman Frames are made for those who demand for versatile pieces in their wardrobe. Whether you are a businesswoman on the go or a socialite going to lunch, these minimalist sunglasses with their charcoal hue are made for life’s most chaotic moments. Sleek and modern, those who prefer a more contemporary aesthetic will appreciate the Classic Compact Frame in Crystals and the Classic Frame in Granny Chic. Designed with sturdy metal and acetate, they provide a clear perspective wherever you are.

Cutler and Gross

The Coquette

Despite Cutler and Gross’s regal reputation, they do not shy away from coy feminine styles. The Tequila Sunrise Frame is every bit mysterious with its cat eye edges. Crafted with rose gold lenses and strong metal details, they are reliable and made for eyes with winged eyeliner. With more royal palettes in mind, these Classic Round Frames resemble an abstract painting from a Brooklyn art gallery. They contain faded lenses that captures the attention of those around you and cultivate an instant enigma.

Cutler and Gross

The Starlet

Sunglasses have been a staple for Hollywood since the beginning. They exude glamour and sophistication unlike any other accessory, particularly the aviator. Ideal for casual looks, Cutler and Gross’s Classic Aviators in White are handmade to bespoke quality and includes graduated lenses for voyeuristic schemes. For those who prefer a bold look, the Cosmopolitan Aviators are embedded with leopard print. Whether you want to channel Reese Witherspoon, Gigi Hadid, or Kate Hudson, Cutler and Gross is prepared for your next close up.

Cutler and Gross

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