In Bloom: Comme des Garçons F/W 2016

September 29, 2016

Eclectic textures and unconventional characteristics are part of Comme des Garçons brand. This season, Rei Kawakubo embeds florals into abrasive palettes to create a grunge look that is fit for the masses. Sharp shoulders and bulked silhouettes encompass jackets, skirts, and dresses alike. Dark palettes accompany the bloom of spring to make it suitable for the fall and winter weather that is to come. Spring is only a few moments away in Comme des Garçons pieces.  

Comme Des Garcons Skirt

The Floral Coat is the standout piece for this particular collection. Sustainable and industrial, this coat needs no other accompaniment. Adorn with removable straps and roses, the coat is tailored for a diverse personality who requires flexibility to adapt to different environments. The same pattern can be found on the Floral Jumper Skirt, which is perfect for the grunge princess. 

Comme Des Garcons shirt

Those who just want nice florals can find solace in the Floral Print Shirt. It is made of wool so that you can create a warm layer under your leather jacket or favourite bomber. Ripped jeans and chunky boots are also welcome. The Floral Print T-Shirt and the Flower T-Shirt are ideal for a night in or a quick run to the grocery store. The cotton is soft to the touch and reminds you of home while you’re away. 

Florals and dark palettes align to create a permeable fall and winter season.

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