Jewelry by Vetements – When Elegance meets Simplicity

October 29, 2015

Vetements’ clothes are known for their eclectic minimalism and underground intrigue that captures the imagination. While that may be the case, their jewelry pieces are more opulent and provide idiosyncratic elements to any outfit.

Their signature jewelry is defined by their large size, which can be seen with their Rhinestone Hoop Earrings. Gold details are embedded along the rhinestones as they adorn the ears as an artistic entity. They are perfect for daily life as their simplicity and subdued elaborateness can enhance any outfit.

LongEarrings (1)

The simplistic brand even has long earrings that resemble long hair and fall onto the shoulders like waterfalls. The metalwork is sublime and provides beautiful intricacies to any understated outfit. It’s a piece that’s meant to stand on its own and make its own statement despite the chaotic world around it.

Whether someone chooses to wear it with an extravagant fur coat or a simple t-shirt, the piece is one of a kind

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