Knots and Cubes: Harakiri F/W 2016

December 29, 2016

Eccentric accessories are part of Harakiri‘s DNA. This collection consists of knots and cubes bedazzled on gold chains of all kind. Rose gold, white gold, and its own exquisite gold can be found among the jewelry that’s offered. You can be sure that unique shapes are included in your Harakiri piece.

Harakiri Chain Earrings

These Rectangles and Chain Earrings in Rose Gold are delightful in every way. Developed with an idiosyncratic shape in mind, these earrings consist of the finest details that glisten in light. Always a wonder to behold, it will give your outfit an edge like no other.

Harakiri Cube Necklace

This Small Cube Necklace in White Gold is a story of its own. Understated at its most elegant, this piece appears to be a regular silver chain at first glance. However, it becomes a charm that you hold close to your heart due to its substance and quality. Small, but outstanding in the grand scheme of things.

Harakiri Toggle Bracelet

Toggles make for intricate designs that enchant its viewers. This Toggle Bracelet in Gold would make for a lovely gift for the special women in your life. Intertwining as one entity and separate as one chain, this piece shows that small details are integral to creating one element. Perfect for those with an appreciation for details.

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