Maison Michel Fall/Winter 2015: Urban Flair and Garden Parties

December 30, 2015

Maison Michel provides essential accessories for the autumn and winter seasons. Their Fall/Winter 2015 collection is all about hats. Wide-brimmed hats and knit headbands are all the rage, which is why they have been combined in the Matthias Hat. It is made with rabbit felt and wool so that consumers are as elegant as tea party attendees while they remain warm against vicious winds.


However, the Virginie Interlock Hat is a geometric play on texture that is imperfectly exquisite. It is pieced together with hand-stitched details that make it seem as though two parts that have been lost are reunited once again. The black palette is a minimalist and versatile choice that can be worn for all occasions.

The Virginie Hat in Red Black is perfect for those who prefer more colour in their life. Think garden parties with outdoor orchestras and statuesque fountains. For those with unconventional tastes and an affinity for cats, will be pleased to discover that Maison Michel has created a veil that is reminiscent of felines.

People who just want to stay warm can snuggle up with the Maxi Beanie or the Mini Beanie with a snapback. Cara Delevingne’s urban influences are all the rage and wearers can find their inner supermodel with these hip items.

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