Marsèll Sandals: Comfort and Finesse

May 28, 2015

Shoes have become essential to every woman’s wardrobe because they have the power to define her sense of style and to showcase her charm. In fact, they come in various forms to fulfill each individual’s personal desire. Marsèll produces classic Italian shoes that are resolute, but also convoluted to achieve visual prominence. They reinvent shoes as artistic entities that last a lifetime and focus on fine details to produce a sophisticated appearance. Marsèll has shoes for all seasons and Cahier d’Exercices has selected some of the most coveted pieces for the upcoming summer.

The Marsèll Chunky Heel Sandal is for the woman that wants to obtain a level of comfort and achieve a charismatic presence at once. The tan hue makes it a versatile piece that can be worn with different outfits and for several casual occasions. Moreover, the side buckle closure makes it a secure footwear that will never leave a woman’s feet no matter her predicament. A confident stride and an elegant attitude is garnered from this particular shoe.

The Marsèll Buckle Sandal helps those who want to maintain a level of sophistication. The sandal’s intricate weaves produces a textured appearance that is at once complicated, but divine. The shoe encloses feet conveniently to help the wearer enjoy a luxurious life with simple pleasures. The four-tier side buckles and back zipper also ensures that a woman can look phenomenal on her hectic journey.

The Marsèll Criss Cross Sandal elevates people to new heights in a subtle fashion. Black is a classic colour that makes this footwear a highly functional piece that can be worn throughout the day. The gentle crossover and the low heel encapsulates poise, yet offers the wearer a chance to display her finesse and agility. These stunning details makes it memorable in an understated manner.

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