Minimalist Edge: Y’s Yohji Yamamoto Fall/Winter 2016

October 31, 2016

Transformative and versatile pieces that exude classical elegance are prized possessions. They transcend the ages and progress with elegance. Y’s Yohji Yamamoto Fall/Winter 2016 capitalizes on this concept as pleated textures and clean lines adorn each piece. Intricate fabrics are integral to the collection as Yamamoto reformulates the preppy aesthetic.


Layered coats and cropped pants are signature pieces to the collection. Neutral palettes that have long been part of the Yamamoto DNA are found on the Layered Big Coat and the Hooded Short Coat. The autumn winds are no match for their knitted nature and becomes the perfect assemblage with either the tucked pants or the tweed pants that exude finesse.


Polished simplicity are all the rage when blouses are involved. The No Collar Shirt is equestrian at its finest and basic at its most transparent. It can be worn with the Big Coat or the Tulle Skirt. Theses piece create dramatic flair and exquisite textures to add idiosyncrasies to any ensemble that you desire.


Draped and billowy dresses are the signature pieces to this collection. Wrapped around the shoulder like a second home, the Dolman Shirt or even the Dress with Lace offer glamour in straightforward pieces. Even the Big Pullover offers a quality that resembles your favourite sweater despite its more shapely aspect.

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