Mod Design: A 60s Revival

June 30, 2016

The Mods have become one of the most influential subcultures in history with their distinct flair for style. They possessed adulation for jazz, were partial to Italian clothes, and rode Vespas through the streets of 1960s London. Designers throughout the ages have attempted to capture their spirit and their explicit appearance. This season is no different as simplistic shapes with seasoned elements ruled the runways.

cahier - noten

The Dries van Noten Dalton Dress is comfortable and elegant at once. The cotton fabric will make you feel at home, while the khaki colour embodies effortlessness at its finest. You can throw it on with a pair of white sneakers, which will offer a modish contrast that no one can deny. The Guidi PL1 Front Zip Boots embody the Italian style and craftsmanship that the Mods so desired.


You can also wear the Noir Kei Ninomiya Dress with Tulle for a looser silhouette. This A-line dress has a sheer cover and would be an edgy addition to your favourite combats. The basic shape ensures you can go about your way with ease and to accessorize to individuality. The Vetements Cuissarde Sock Boots offers a gritty edge since they contain a Bic lighter inspired heel, which is reminiscent of European cinematic glamour.


Hats were also a Mod staple and the Maison Michel Charles Hat in Black can do wonders for your mod-inspired outfit. The rain-resistant felt hat is both luxury and minimalist so that you can add the Mod spirit to any ensemble you want.

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