Modern Refinement: Jacquemus SS17

April 26, 2017

Elegant items with a touch of modern femininity are adorned on this most recent Jacquemus SS17 collection. Contemporary merges with vintage to create unique pieces that can transcend night and day. Youthful flair is embedded within each style for a fresh attitude. Minimalist and opulent, the details are integral to this spectacular collection for strong women everywhere.

Long sleeved vests are all the rage as sophistication meets edgy and cool. La Veste Camargue in Beige contains fully lined pockets with a tie detail at the back. Cinched at the waist, it’s an outfit that is ready for anything. La Robe Meunier comes in a similar shape, but revolves around stripes and pleats. Pleated to perfection, it emphasizes the waist while offering a crossover fabric to pull together the look.


Comfort is key to confidence and Jacquemus pants have got that covered. Le Pantacourt Jupe is cut like a skirt, but offers a billowy silhouette to give you the flow you need to strut through your life. Perfect for a crop top any day of the summer. Le Pantalon Saton are high-waisted so that you can show off some leg and elongate your posture. Both revolve around neutrals so that you can mix and match for all occasions.


Geometric to precision, La Robe Arliquin is every bit sophisticated and modern with the asymmetric cut and layered materials. Overlapping fabrics with stripes with an exposed shoulder and a covered one showcases this collection’s idiosyncrasies. Ideal for any show stopping day where you want to make an impression.


Always an anomaly, La Robe Arlequin in Knit is very much cirque. Designed with red, black, and white stripes, this multicoloured knit dress is every bit slimming and unique. Fitting for a night out with friends for drinks. These Les Rond Carré are fitting for the occasion.jaquemus-arlequin

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