Preserved Sentiments: Rosa Maria

January 31, 2017

Dazzling jewels embody different sentiments and often capture memories that are close to the heart. Rings and necklaces are often bestowed as gifts upon people as a gesture of friendship or romance, which ensures that memories are generated from each moment that the item is worn. Rosa Maria’s rings are composed of a jewel and surrounded with embedded details that are delicate to the naked eye. Whichever piece you choose, will sure be a gem.

The Begum Ring is pure and simple at its best. Handcrafted polished silver with oxidized silver and embedded with diamonds, the black stone will sure strike a chord from within. Elegant and minimalist, it’s the jewel for the gal on the gal. It goes with just about anything and you can be sure that it’s sustainable throughout the storms.

The Miki Ring is rose gold at its finest. Mixed with sterling silver and a touch of a yellowstone, it will stand out among the shimmers of diamonds and rubies. Subtle and compelling, this unique stone will be enchanting to the eye of the beholder.

Quartz cut is all about the classics and this Bikram Ring is no exception. The smoky quartz is both dark and invigorating to give you a sense of spiritual ground. The colour of earth, you will feel at peace upon wearing it. Regardless of the ring you choose, you will sure cultivate your own mindfulness and spirit.

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