Snug and Flair: Long Sleeved Dresses for Winter 2016

January 28, 2016

Dresses are often associated with warm summer days as opposed to the bleak winter months. However, these long sleeved dresses will ignite fashionistas’ excitement and they will yearn for the cold. The key to staying warm in long sleeved dresses is to adorn the dresses with layers and to wear leggings or tights underneath. Whether it’s edgy or elegance, there is something for everyone.

The Marni Denim Dress has the perfect high-low hemline that garners an asymmetric shape to the garment. The minimalism offers opportunities to accessorize and knee-high boots are integral to elevate it to eclectic chic.

Long Sleeved Dresses Blog 3

Tweed is needed once eyes lay upon Noir Kei Ninomiya’s Silver Tweed Dress. It can be worn with sneakers, blazers, or cardigans while stand on its own as an entity. The geometric lines and billowy shape makes it a versatile piece.

The Sacai Layered Lace Dress offers detailed intricacies that provokes the imagination. The Chinoiserie collar and the lace overlay discards jewelry in favour of complex patterns. It’s the perfect street style dress.

Long Sleeved Dresses Blog2

Boardroom or nighttime glamour, the Marni Runway Dress is flawlessly monochromatic. The black and white contrast with the cinched belt offers a flared silhouetted while complimenting the figure.

Preppy schoolgirls will envy the Sacai Pleat Bottom Dress with its pleated details and gorgeous blouse. Tulle and combat boots are calling.

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