Sport Meets Luxe: Vetements SS 2017

February 22, 2017

Known as an edgy underground brand, Vetements has become the most desired among the fashion elite. Celebrities and fashion bloggers alike wait each season for the latest items, styling them accordingly to the new cool trend. Slouchy sweatshirts and fitted sweatpants encompass a majority of their brand to align comfort with charm. With the addition of eclectic boots and hockey socks, Vetements is on its way to iconic status.


Feminine pieces have been included in this season’s collection. Made to fit the body, these pieces are no ordinary floral wrap dresses. Vetements’ Spring/Summer collection includes the Spring Summer Dress, a gorgeous royal blue with a waist-adjusting tie and pockets. Another must of the season: The delicate White Floral Dress. With its clean crisp white fabric and lilac print, it offers a serene addition to your wardrobe. As well, the slit at the back is sensual and edgy, characteristic of all Vetements pieces.


The In Progress Dress speaks to Vetements’ inception. Ladylike and athletic, the dress pairs well with the Reflector Heel Boots that are as daring as they are. Never one to shy away from attention, this minimalist staple is perfect for the streets and a comfy night in. For those who are looking for something more casual, the Zip Up In-Progress Hoodie can be worn for just about any situation. Looking casual has never looked better.

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