Structural Asymmetry: Sacai SS17

February 22, 2017

Sacai experiments with patchwork and pleats this season to create structural textures. A-line maxi skirts become diverse forms of materiality that are reminiscent of movement. Blousons and bombers dominate outerwear options so that you can be effortlessly cool. Floral, dots, and lace elements align to reformulate feminine textures, creating amorphous shapes..


This Dungaree Dress is comfortable and fitting for the collected gal who doesn’t want to wear overalls. Made from cotton, linen, and nylon, the dress is the epitome of patchwork cool. Cinched at the waist and flowing out at the end, it’s every bit girly and casual as you can get. Just don’t forget to pair them with these wooden platform clogs.


Asymmetric pleats adorn each skirt in the Sacai collection. The Dot Lace Skirt takes layering to a new level with crochet textures and a short white skirt underneath. A navy blue pleated fabric flows from the side to create diverse characteristics and qualities. Intricate and elegant, the piece will be a showstopper. The Shirting Skirt and the Shirting Dress recapture these textures as well.


For an edgy and cool piece like the Sacai Tribal Lace Blouson, it never fails to transcend the formal and the exquisite. Delicate details emblazon the lace make it a unique piece for every cool girl’s wardrobe. Zipped up or down, there is variety with this versatile piece.

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