Wedge Into Summer: The Summer Heat Strut

July 26, 2016

Wedges are the perfect item for the summer since they offer the right amount of physical support to ensure that you have a smooth stride and a stylish incorporation into your outfit. Besides that, they are versatile items that can elevate your bold personality to couture status. You can wear them when you are out with friends, on the terrases, or even at a formal event depending on how you choose to style it. In other words, wedges are there for every step that you take.

Dries Van Noten Bordeaux Wedge

Geometric admirers would do well in a pair of Dries Van Noten Bordeaux Wedge. The space between the double heels ensure balance, but offers a congruous shape for all who desire them. Moreover, the burgundy shade would be a match for the Junya Watanabe Asymmetric Paper Dress in black lace. The collar is a preppy antithesis to the composed shapes.


The Guidi Wedge Bootie is for those who want to take a walk to the wild side. Your heel will feel as though it is hanging off a cliff when you wear them. You will be on the tip of your toes with attention and precision. They make for a killer combination with the Vetements Biker Short Sleeves and the Comme des Garcons Paper Bag Pants. The flair will offer comfort to the challenge of these wedges.

Vetements Biker Short Sleeves Shirt in Red

Fabulous wedges are comfortable and versatile, despite their asymmetric contrasts. They should glide on your feet like second skin and allow you to float down the street as though you are walking on a cloud.

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