Work to Terasses Outfit

August 31, 2016

Work is a whole other world where appearance is a part of your success. Therefore, it is important to tailor your outfit according to your work environment. However, it can be quite uncomfortable to go out with your friends after in your work clothes. They tend to restrain your movements and you are expected sit a certain way. As a result, you can have the perfect work to terasses outfit if you just include a few simple pieces.

Ann Demeulemeester Callista Shirt in Green

This bold Ann Demeulemeester Callista Shirt in Bottle Green is an elegant piece that can help you stand out from the crowd. The soft satin feel will make you feel at home as you have meetings in boardrooms and out on the patio at a restaurant. Drinks are only a moment away in this gorgeous item.

Comme Des Garcons Pants

Minimalism is a theme with this Comme des Garcons Creased Trousers in Black. The two pockets ensure that you can carry your basic essentials when you are in a rush. Pens and a small notebook are all you will need for that meeting of yours. The ensemble calls for a clutch on the terasses.

Ann Demeulemeester Boot

These Ann Demeulemeester Stacked Boots will give you height and a relaxed stride. They will complement the pure sophistication of the trousers and emphasize the bold Ann Demeulemeester shirt. Work to terasses has never been easier with these transformative pieces in your closet.

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