Arielle de pinto

Arielle de Pinto fuses vintage sensibility with modern aesthetics to produce elegant pieces that are subtly sophisticated at once. Excessive attention to detail and her perseverance towards creation has made de Pinto an international name. She never settles for the typical and uses self-taught techniques to elevate each piece’s potential towards allurement. Once a fine art student at Concordia University, she continues to practice many disciplines and hone her craft through avant garde hair accessories and idiosyncratic face masks.

Her brand consists of quintessentially local Montreal artisans and has cultivated a luxury atelier environment through her studio. Arielle de Pinto appreciates old world glamour and only uses Italian-sourced silver and gold vermeil. Each exclusive entity uses delicate handcraftsmanship and de Pinto’s quirky flair for production. She always searches for new projects and has even partnered with a MIT-trained physicist to produce a digital-age colour palette.

Her recent collaboration with European art collective LVMM produced acts as a prequel to her Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The hand-crochet gold pieces and whimsical chains adhere to de Pinto’s love for intricacy and ornateness. Precision and care has been executed within each piece for each piece to come into its own. As an immense talent, she has been featured in contemporary jewelry books and her work has been exhibited at international museums and galleries.

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