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Rei Kawakubo has astounded fashion critics with her ingenious label, Comme des Garçons since 1981 when she debuted the collection at Paris Fashion Week. Her collections’ asymmetry and distressed aesthetic have produced textured entities that have revolutionized the possibilities associated with fabrics and materials. Black, white, and dark grey adhere to Kawakubo’s approach as she continues to make a statement about unconventional and idiosyncratic structures each season. Her work is considered the epitome of wearable art and has changed the concept of tailoring in menswear.

Prior to that, Comme des Garçons Ltd. was established as a small company in 1973 that grew into a multinational brand with boutiques in major fashion districts around the world. In addition, the brand’s global quality is exemplified through their clothes’ production in studios in Turkey, France, Spain, and Japan. In fact, their main studio is located in the prestigious Place Vendome in Paris where they showcase their collections. While the brand is known for its contributions to fashion, Kawakubo is also heavily involved with the arts and has created graphic design, sculpture and dance exhibitions that have been showcased in galleries.

Comme des Garçons is a brand that never diverges from the atypical and was one of the first brands to create a gender neutral perfume in 1994. Moreover, they created an “anti-perfume” called Odeur 53 with non-traditional notes to create a modern and striking scent. Its ingredients consisted of mineral carbon, wind, sand dunes, cellulose, and burnt rubber. Rei Kawakubo may be known for her understated personality, but her work speaks for her in a way that no words can.

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