Harakiri is a Montreal-based jewelry brand that encapsulates nature and embodies the world’s essence through the use of rare substances. Designer, Mireille Boucher is the creator of these esteemed commodities that have been seen on the likes of Denis Gagnon’s runway and Sid Lee’s Amsterdam collective. She’s an École de Joaillerie de Montreal alumna who has successfully achieved international acclaim with her rugged designs and delicate touch. Critics praise her gender neutral collections for providing a new perspective to common symbols and artifacts.

Boucher combines and implements her vision into each piece whether it has skulls, leaves, or thorns. Fantastical elements adorn each piece as though they have been plucked from the ethers and placed onto an exquisite hand. Her Fall/Winter 2015 collection is no exception and revolves around tribal arrows and Tahitian pearls. The pearls’ grey tones garner an elusive atmosphere for those who wear it and possess unique characteristics. The arrows’ jagged edges strikes spectators from within and recalls primal survival instincts.

Sterling silver, gold, and bronze are used for every piece. Bracelets, chokers, and necklaces all have adjustable placements to suit each individual. Harakiri values distinctiveness and eccentricity to ensure that each piece is presented as its own artistic entity. Those who dare to embrace her idiosyncrasies are bound to experience a reverie.

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