Issey Miyake

Graduating as a graphic designer from Japan’s Tama Art University, Issey Miyake was inspired to ask why his alma mater didn’t offer a clothing design program, signalling the beginning of his career as an avant-garde Japanese designer. Miyake rounded out his studies by working under Paris haute couture fashion labels Guy Laroche and Givenchy, shortly thereafter founding the Miyake Design Studio from Japan in 1971. From here the Hiroshima native went on to develop his “one piece of cloth” concept, a method that is as artisan as it is technical.

As his style evolved, Miyake continued to experiment with textiles, drawing inspiration from everything from fabric threads to architecture, revisiting traditional techniques like dyeing and weaving to create original pieces. He challenged the trends of the western world, incorporating his eastern heritage into his designs. This resulted in the creation of pieces with the versatility to be worn in different ways, dependant on the tastes of the individual. By handcrafting his pieces with a precision requiring as much knowledge about the textile as it does about the body, his designs are rightly interpreted as works of art.

Miyake’s Pleats Please collection takes a different approach to clothing construction, pleating the material after it has been cut and sewn, reversing the traditional method of pleating fabric.

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