Mansur Gavriel

Refined and colourful bucket bags brought the Mansur Gavriel brand to prominence. Seen on stylish celebrities such as Emma Watson, Kirsten Dunst and Miranda Kerr, the stylish accessory was dubbed “the first post-recession it-bag” by The Business of Fashion. Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, the brand’s designers, became overnight successes as a result.

They immediately connected when they met at an XX concert in 2010. Both recent art school graduates, they bonded over their shared aesthetic. They had the same vision: A contemporary bag that was minimalist, affordable, well-made, and expressed warmth. Since Mansur lived in Los Angeles and Gavriel lived in Berlin, their collaboration occurred mainly through email and a private Tumblr.

Eventually, the duo would create their first prototypes in New York City where they decided to make their bags’ interior a different colour from the outside. They wanted their bags to be unique, so they found a factory in Italy that could make a matte patent coating for them. Sourced in Italy and manufactured in China, they booked their first capsule trade show and made cold call emails to major retailers, leading in securing a spot for their handbag as 2013’s most coveted.

Featured on various retailers, it has become the quintessential contemporary handbag to date.

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