Roland Mouret

As a child, designer Roland Mouret was greatly inspired by his father’s work as a butcher. From watching him slice and prepare the meat to observing the way his father would fold his apron in different ways to hide the blood stains inevitable in his line of work, Mouret was drawn to both the fabric, and how folding the material could completely alter the apron’s appearance. This experience greatly shaped how Mouret interpreted fashion, and is a large part of why his designs are so distinguishable today. Since the creation of the iconic ‘Galaxy’ dress in 2005, the London-based dressmaker has gone on to create some of the most coveted pieces in the fashion world.

This year, Mouret has conjured up A-line skirts motivated by American couturier Charles James, along with textured color-blocked pieces that are as beautiful arriving as they are departing. The Lourdes native has created a collection that boasts pastel shades perfect for the impending spring and summer, with his precise shade of peach offering a particular punch. Reminiscent of structured (and in some cases, geometric) blossoms, this season’s collection is reflective of Mouret’s appreciation of the feminine shape, with each piece leaving room for the individuality of the modern woman.

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