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Rosa Maria

Hailing from Lebanon, Rosa Maria launched her jewellery line in 1998. The designer creates her pieces by hand, using the elements to create designs that are as fine as they are bold. The designer shapes her pieces using exquisite materials to create jewellery in limited quantities, using more uncommon stones, such as garnet and iolite, not to mention unusually coloured diamonds.

Working out of Beruit (in the Mar Mikhael region), Rosa Maria distributes her lines largely throughout the Middle East and Europe, making her designs an exclusive find within the North American market—even more so due to her dedication to limited production (she sells her merchandise to very few international distributors). Operating mainly out of her concept store, her deconstructivist style makes for pieces that have an unfinished feel about them, which only lends to their experimental quality.

A delicate statement piece muted enough to suit any wardrobe, the Wita Ring is handcrafted, like all of Rosa Maria’s creations. Made of oxidized sterling silver, the ring features an 18K gold top with a glittering black diamond.

With jewellery, it can sometimes be difficult to create a piece that is modern without losing its timelessness. Whether worn with a white t-shirt and jeans or an haute couture piece, the Aicha Ring is both beautiful and muted. The ring features two grey diamonds in a subtle oxidized silver setting.

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