TOOGOOD is the London-based unisex brand that discards conventions and strives to provide individuality among their wearers. Clothes that revise gender norms and break typical sartorial standards are within TOOGOOD’s nature. They are industrial by design and rough with their prints to provide durable quality that lasts. Individuals can express themselves without being placed into limited categories and accessorize as they please with minimalism. Distressed edges and oversized sleeves can be found throughout the shirts.

Linen, modal, and ramie fabrics can be found throughout the collection. Black and white palettes provide a canvas for the wearer to experiment with their personal style. Even the pop of electric blue and cropped sleeves allow physicality to occur throughout the day. They are clothes that people wear, rather than have the clothes wear them. They are not confined by corporate fashion and haute couture to create for the seasons. Affect extends beyond the visual to encompass the outfit’s entirety to make a statement and to have a lasting impression on those who see it.

Innovation derives from the unconventional, which can only occur when people discard rules in favour of novelty. TOOGOOD S/S 2015 extends beyond visual time to encompass those who want to travel towards a future time.


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