Anonymity has become a rarity in the fashion industry as crowds gather to attend shows and photographers capture every moment alive. Vetements offers a welcoming contrast through their designs and identity. The Paris-based brand’s minimalist, yet provocative aesthetic has been met with acclaim from critics. Seven designers are the mastermind behind the brand, but have chosen to remain anonymous due to contractual obligations and their drive to create without convention. They converged during their stints at Maison Margiela and bonded over their frustration with fashion’s commercialization.


Vetements thinks with the wearer in mind who wants to carve their own stylistic identity. Minimalist designs are emphasized throughout their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, whether it’s their Oversize T-Shirt Dress or their bright red Wrap Dress. Wearers are free to alter their outfits as they please through accessories and personal preferences. They can discard rules and supersede preconceived notions about the fashionable or the chic.

They rely on their clothes’ lack of gimmick and versatility so that different people can imagine themselves in it. Even their mid-mule heel’s blue tinge adds a unique quality to the simple black heel that rivals clogs’ demure sophistication. Vetements relies on their client’s imagination to make their clothes come alive just as their anonymity thrives.

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