Ann Demeulemeester

A few years after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, Ann Demeulemeester and five fellow graduates rented a truck and headed towards London. The young designers, now known as the Antwerp Six, made the trek in order to showcase their individual collections at a fashion fair. Each of the designers was met with praise, and Demeulemeester in particular had her entire collection purchased by an American retailer.

Beginning with womenswear and gradually expanding into accessories, it wasn’t until the early ‘90s that Demeulemeester began her foray into menswear. Since then, she continues to create collections that evoke a distinct type of rousing artistry. What Demeulemeester has created is an aesthetic that pays homage to the human condition, complete with its discrepancies and imperfections. In other words, what Demeulemeester offers us is an emotional outlet through fashion.

Less concerned with the popularization of her pieces by way of the celebrity elite, Demeulemeester focuses more on creating clothing that does not speak to a specific time or era, but rather; that evolves gradually and naturally while paying no attention to fleeting trends.

Made up mostly of tints and neutral hues, Ann Demeulemeester pieces somehow manage to carry a dash of vibrancy despite the overall lack of colour. By working with light fabrics such as silk or cotton as equally as she does heavy textiles like leather or furs, Demeulemeester truly embraces the full scope of human temperament.

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