Elena Dawson

About Elena Dawson

It is not entirely clear when London-born Elena Dawson developed her passion for design. Hovering below the radar on the media front, Dawson has divulged little about her past, allowing her designs to speak for themselves.

The fashion world first got wind of Dawson’s esoteric designs in 2000 when she helped expand Paul Harnden Shoemakers with a clothing-line division called Paul Harnden Clothiers. True to the everlasting style found in Paul Harnden shoe designs, Dawson brought a level of aestheticism to the clothing line that allowed it to quickly soar to praiseworthy heights.

After playing a pivotal role in guiding Paul Harnden Clothiers forward, Elena Dawson decided to end her time there to begin her own independent line of clothes and shoes. Specializing in both womenswear and menswear, Dawson offers an aesthetic that thrives on craftsmanship. Dawson hand-makes all of her designs, from clothing to shoes and accessories, and uses both local and foreign fabrics and materials, including British-wool and leather, French lace, Irish linen, and Indian silk.

Dawson’s creative process is propelled by her intuition. “I don’t like to over-plan a collection and prefer it to remain at the idea stage. I don’t want to explain it to myself, to be too self-conscious of what I make when I’m making it”, she says. This whimsical momentum has allowed her to create collections that are definitive of her trademark style, which stems from Victorian influence yet is infused with sullen, gothic undertones.

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