Maison Michel

At historic, Paris-based milliner Maison Michel, absolute esthetics reign supreme. There is no place for uncertainty or blandness. Led by Artistic Director (and Head of Accessories/Jewelry at Chanel), Laetitia Crahay, the line’s collections bear the full force of her signature style, navigating between gothic chic and refined sophistication. Filled with humor and life, Maison Michel’s latest collections are fun and romantic, their ample array of styles capable of bringing out multiple facets of any wearer’s personality.

Much of this comes from Crahay, who, describing her own personal style as “Audrey Hepburn meets David Bowie,” has taken the fashion world by storm. In the process, she has re-popularized a number of Maison Michel’s classics, including boaters, trilby’s, floppy felt hats and her trademark bunny ears, which have been modeled by fashionistas like Kate Moss, Milla Jovovich, Lara Stone and more.

One can argue that there was a void in the market for playful, sophisticated headwear, and Crahay has filled it with contemporary gossamer headpieces, masculine cashmere caps and pearl-adorned fur earmuffs, all sprinkled with flowers, feathers and dark polka dots.

With these diverse materials and colors, Crahay’s headwear is cinematic in feel, paying homage (without feeling forced) to a number of pop culture heroines and icons. The end result infuses elements of every day life with an almost poetic extravagance, filling our heads with dreams of elegance and refinement.

But then, what else would you expect from a company that has always treated headwear like haute couture?

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