Tom Binns

About Tom Binns

Intricately woven into each of his jewellery designs is Tom Binns’ non-conventional perspective on extravagance. His creative momentum pushed forward in the early ‘80s as he found inspiration in the socialist Dada movement. More than thirty years later, Binns continues to have a loyal following of enthusiasts who revel in his eccentric pieces, all of which clasp shut with political undertones.

Recently, Binns has collaborated with various designers, all of whom have reigned as masters in their own separate crafts, thereby allowing Binns to challenge himself to incorporate different philosophies into his own designs. Of note is his collaboration with Jason Wu, the Manhattan-based fashion designer whose collections can be best described as contemporary elegance. The result of the alliance is now a fashion milestone, proof that two completely different designers can harmonize even the most opposing aesthetics. « I liked the idea of working with a designer with a youthful attitude, » says Binns of Wu, « because the trick to staying relevant is to stay contemporary. »

Binns has also fused artistic juices with Corto Moltedo in order to create the “Sunday Best” clutch bag, the jewelry-infused design of which can likely be interpreted as a sardonic spin on pious devotion.

There is no denying that Binns puts forth statement jewellery. From crystal to silver plated brass nails, his choice of materials alone illustrates his intention to redefine the vocal power that comes with wearing a necklace, or a bracelet, or even a cuff.

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